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ceCUR. FX Management System.

Volatile and uncertain market conditions increase the importance and need for an effective enterprise-wide currency management. Without currency management the risk that f exchange rates directly affect the profits of your business is very high.

The security of current and future cash flows from all currencies is therefore imperative. This is for many companies a major challenge.

The cerafin offer

ceCUR enables the coverage of current and future cash flows and thus of profits against currency fluctuations. The system reduces the associated uncertainty of the fluctuation and protects the success of the company.

ceCUR collects and consolidates the company-wide currency positions by exposure mapping and allows an integrated view on the currency risk. Through extensive analysis options, risks and opportunities are identified and recommendations can be derived at an early stage.

ceCUR supports the mapping of hedging activities, as well as all downstream processes from front to backoffice. Realtime processing within the system as well as workflowsupported straight through processing of transactions ensures a consistent view for all involved parties.

ceCUR has a stable transaction process, the results from a comprehensive set of process steps. ceCUR can be adapted quickly and effectively to customer-specific requirements.

The intuitive user interface allows quick and easy operation of the system based workflow and reporting functions. The existing standard interface allows fast access to the market data as well as to upstreamed ERP systems.

Your benefit by choosing cerafin

  • Integrated view of finance and risk indicators through the use of industry standards in the exposure determination and risk quantification
  • Improved decision-making basis with increased transparency, availability and pace
  • Consistent view on data by using Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Identification, analysis and quantification of commodity risks as a basis for the derivation and implementation of risk and hedging strategies
  • Implementation of hedging strategies
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in daily work
  • Support for external reporting to investors, financial institutions, credit rating agencies, associations, etc.