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ceRIM. Commodity Management System.

Due to the missing of relevant information and the lack of transparency, today companies, organizations or even the government are faced with great challenges to determine a precise demand for commodity needs (hierarchical exposure). The non-coping leads to a high risk in strategic and operational levels:

  • Lack of transparency about the company's own dependence on raw materials for development of a commodity strategy
  • Low capacity to act in times of raw material shortages
  • Dependency of the product prices related ation to volatile commodity prices
  • No transparency of dependencies within the supply chain

In addition, the increasing volatility of commodity prices increases the complexity and the challenge to safe product cost calculation
Real cases show that in the worst case, a lack of a raw material strategy or -coverage may even lead to insolvency of a (in the core processes) solid company

The cerafin offer

ceRIM provides the solution: an integrated planning and control system that allows a detailed view of financial, risk and control indicators.
ceRIM helps to identify in a early phase critical resources controle the risk level to protect the profit.
ceRIM supports the entire backup process and ensures a consistent view for all involved process owner .

Your benefit by choosing cerafin

• Integrated view of finance and risk indicators through the use of industry standards in the exposure determination and risk quantification
• Improved basis of decision-making with increased transparency, availability and pace
• Consistent view of data through Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
• Identification, analysis and quantification of commodity risks as a basis for the derivation and implementation of risk and hedging strategies
• Increase productivity and efficiency in daily work
• Support for external reporting to investors, financial institutions, credit rating agencies, associations, etc.